Tourist Visa To New Zealand

NZ Tourist Visa
New Zealand Tourist Visa

Completing a 20-page application form to get a visa to New Zealand is finally worth it. Not to mention, the tedious requirements that you have to come up with in the submission for visa application. After 10-working days, I have collected my visa and I’m happy that the application process went smoothly.

I have read in the website of Immigration New Zealand (INZ) that for nationalities like Filipinos, visa processing could take 90-days depending on various circumstances. So in mid-December of 2011, I wrote the High Commission of New Zealand, and throw several questions relevant to tourist visa application. After a couple of exchanged emails, I was advised by the Immigration New Zealand Singapore to lodge my application 1-month (instead of 3-months) before my scheduled travel.

Herewith is the checklist on how to obtain a Visitor Visa to New Zealand. Please note that the following requirements may vary depending on your current residence. However, these are the general requirements that is applicable to anyone who would be needing a visa to visit New Zealand for tourism purposes.

1) A properly completed and signed application form. The latest form can be downloaded at:

2) Two (2) copies of recent passport size photographs with white background

3) A non-refundable fee (regardless of the outcome of the application) amounting to $149 SGD is to be paid using Visa or Mastercard. Good news is that the New Zealand government has a bilateral fee-waiver agreements with the Philippines. The fee related notes states that “Citizens of the Philippines do not have to pay the fee if the application is made outside New Zealand and the period of stay does not exceed 59 days, i.e. short stay visitor intentions. However, for visits that intend to exceed 59 days the visitor visa fee is P5,200 pesos.”

4) Original passport and the copy of the passport’s personal particulars including evidence of travel to other countries, i.e. visas or entry stamps.

5) Original and a copy of evidence of residence status in the country where you are currently residing, i.e. employment pass, dependant or long-term visit pass, permanent residence, student pass etc.

6) A copy of your travel booking. Usually, the embassy don’t advice to purchase the ticket until a decision is made on the visa application. In my case, I always take risk because every time I would apply for a visa, I had purchased a promo ticket already :). So it’s either I take it or I lose it. I am thankful so far it always work that way. But I don’t personally advise to follow my way, unless you are ready to lose a penny ;).

7) A copy of your bank statements for the last 3-months. Or if you have a sponsor, there is a Sponsorship Form for Visiting New Zealand (INZ 1025) which must be completed by the New Zealand sponsor. You can check the form at the INZ website.

8) A letter from your employer stating your occupation, length of employment, monthly salary and leave approval dates granted.

9) Proof of accommodation, a hostel, hotel or guesthouse where you will be staying during your period of travel.

10) A health requirement is needed if your stay will be more than 6-months otherwise, it is not necessary.

New Zealand High Commission Office is located at #15-05 Tower A Ngee Ann City, 391A Orchard Road

My recent experience with the High Commission of New Zealand is highly commendable. I am deeply grateful for the Visa Officer that my application has been carefully considered notwithstanding that I failed to comply with the previous 3-consecutive month bank statements for reason that I have just updated my current residence. Whereas requesting for a bank statement at my bank, I would need to pay $20 SGD per month of request which I personally find preposterous to be honest.

To Ms Wendy Teo and All, it maybe a small thing but you’ve made things easy for me. Thank you so much!


35 thoughts on “Tourist Visa To New Zealand

  1. Hi Charlie & Tom,
    Thanks for dropping by. I have checked there is an amazing things going on in your site. Yes, I am interested to be part of the community! I will email 🙂

  2. It looks like the same requirements needed here for Filipino overseas applicants as well. What questions did you email the High Commission of New Zealand and how long did it take you to get your NZ tourist visa? I’m just discovering that some countries do indeed take 1-3 months to process tourist visas. The world never cease to surprise me.

    1. Hi Kate,

      Indeed, it is the general requirements as per Immigration New Zealand. I wrote the High Commission to seek clarifications on whether I should lodge my application 3 months ahead before my travel schedule, shall I need to submit a medical certificate and for the visa-fee exemption… As I mentioned in this post, took me 10 working days. Good luck!


  3. Hello,
    Am planning to travel to Auckland in a month or two. Can you please share the vital Dos & DONTs to be looked out while applying for the visitor visa. Your inputs would ease my job and am sure that your guidaance would lead my way to fetch the visa

    1. Hi Raja,
      The points I have shared above are the general requirements for tourist visa. Depending on the period of your stay, the INZ may ask for additional requirements. If you have other clarifications or enquiries, I suggest that you write them before you lodge your application. So that on the date of your appointment you are clear of any doubts and you can guarantee to obtain a tourist. Just be consistent with your application.

      1. *tourist visa. By all means, never supply any false information. Never.

        You may find my post – stress-free visa application helpful. Good luck in your application!

  4. Hello Mafey,
    Thanks a ton for this piece.
    Your words have relieved me a lot, feel like am half way thru the process.
    If you don’t mind, can I reach out to you if incase am stuck and badly need your assiatance.
    Once again, many thanks to you

  5. Mafey,
    Your unconditional support is highly appreciable. Today i happended to speak with a local consultant in regards to my tourist visa process and he said that to obtain a tourist visa i MUST either have a travel history or a known resident of NZ. Is this true, Mafey? Should i indeed meet any one of the above clause? Am bit shaky and worried after knowing this.please share your thoughts on this.

    1. Hi Raja,

      Thanks for your questions. Let me clarify something. Have you started with the process? You said, you speak with a local consultant, does that mean you are not directly applying to the High Commission of New Zealand? I mean, someone else is doing in behalf of you?

      Because if they are legal consultant then I think you should listen to them. When I was processing my visa, the officer at the High Commission simply asked if I have friends in NZ but they did not require it as a prerequisite to obtaining a visa. Why not write them? I can only give my opinion. They are the right authority to respond to your inquiries. I suppose your local consultant should help you and support you and not make you worry 🙂

      1. Hello Mafey,
        Am yet to start the process but trying all possible ways to gather information required for fecilitating the visa. Just to ensure that am not missing out on anything. And as you said, its always a safe bet to get in touch with the immigration team rather than a local consultant. Can I have your hand phone number?

  6. You can mail me across your phone details. Need to have a word with you in regards to my visa

  7. hi mafey.i have a friend jen in the phillipines.we met online and have been skyping since june.we both like the idea of her coming here for a visit and have proceeded to get a passport and all requirements needed.she has just to organise passport appt and then we will be applying for visitors visa..requirements for this include evidence for incentive to return to her home country.other than her family,parents and siblings and available funds for return airfare,we dont have any other she is not currently employed.she and i both have good intensions and i am asking you if there is sufficient evidence in return mother is sponsoring jen and we have all the requirements available for sponsorship.she is also getting medical and xray to improve our chances.plz help there any steps we could take.thnx so much..

    1. Hi James! So sorry I’ve overlooked your comments. Was on the road then. Hopefully your friend Jen was able to get a tourist visa.

  8. Hi Mafey,

    I would like to ask if my sponsor would shoulder all the expenses do i have to provide a bank statement?

    thanks much in advance.


    1. Hi Joy,

      Depends on your agreement. If your sponsor is going to shoulder all the expenses during your stay in NZ, then s/he has to fill in the form for sponsorship – INZ 1025 and submit together with your application. Otherwise, you have to submit your last 3 consecutive months bank statement.


      1. Hi Mafey,

        Thank you very much for the quick response. yes he will shoulder everything. Thanks also for sharing your knowledge. if i have another question on the process of my application i wish i can still ask you.

        God Bles you,


  9. Hi mafs, just an update on applying for NZ visa in Singapore. It’s now being handled by VFS. Steps in applying might be a little bit different now. So far it takes around 1.5-2 wks for approval from what I’ve heard from friends.
    NZ visa is non-gratis for Phil. passport holders but we still have to pay SGD$40.00 VAC service fee that is payable per application lodged at the New Zealand Visa Application Centre.

    For more info:

    1. Carms! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this important updates 🙂 and for the link! Very useful for our readers looking for updated info about NZ Tourist Visa.

      See you! 🙂

  10. Hi Mafey. I’m applying for visitor to NZ soon. I’d like to ask you a quick question regarding the employer letter for NZ visitor visa requirement. Does it need to state how long the company intend to employ me ? even though my EP already shows the period of employment. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Evy,
      Part of the letter from the employer usually states the date you’re employed with the company and the dates granted for leave.

      Please click the link above (commented by outonvacation) for latest update about Tourist Visa Application.

      Good luck with your application!

  11. Hi Mafey,

    I applied for NZ tourist visa and this will be my first ever attempt to travel outside asia. Today’s the 9th working day since i submitted it in vfs sg. I believe ok and valid naman lahat ng pinasa ko. Before submitting my application, i have read a few blogs (including yours which i find one of the most helpful) I am just quite nervous about the outcome specially that i booked my ticket already.

    Do you have any idea about the rate of approvals and rejections for tourist visa (specially sa nationality natin??

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Hi Gwen,
      Thanks. Yes, I heard from a friend which I copy paste her comments below that there were changes in the application process.. My post was since 2012 hehe and 2 years later could have been a long time for those changes that took place. I have no idea about the rate of approvals and rejections for tourist visa, for us Filipinos but since you are going there for tourism purposes, rest assured that you will have the visa :). It’d be good once you get your visa if you can share with us your experience :). All the best!

      By the way, my friend is based in NZ now. You can click the link she shared below if you need more info. VFS na pala nagha-handle ngayon, dati kasi New Zealand High Commission. Balitaaan mo kami Gwen para additional info din for us 🙂 Thanks!

      outonvacation August 15, 2013 at 2:57 am Edit

      Hi mafs, just an update on applying for NZ visa in Singapore. It’s now being handled by VFS. Steps in applying might be a little bit different now. So far it takes around 1.5-2 wks for approval from what I’ve heard from friends.
      NZ visa is non-gratis for Phil. passport holders but we still have to pay SGD$40.00 VAC service fee that is payable per application lodged at the New Zealand Visa Application Centre.

      For more info:

  12. This is by far, the most helpful blog I’ve ran into. Thanks Mafey! One question though, tingin mo ba makaka-apekto yung previous denied Visa application ko from Denmark (Oct. 2015) and US (May 2016) sa NZ Tourist Visa application ko? I declared on my application that I was denied from the 2 countries mentioned kasi I want to be as truthful as possible to them. The reasons I was denied before are sponsorship issues. Pero now, my aunt had an emergency operation and my mom told me na instead of her, ako na lang ang pumunta and my aunt will sponsor and shoulder the costs. I’m just anxious now because I had 2 denied visa applications pero na-include ko naman din yung recent visas ko for Schengen (Feb.2015) and SoKor (Feb. 2016). What are the chances kaya? And may I add, I’m working as a Nurse in Qatar so yung thinking na baka hindi nila i-approve kasi nurse ako. Thanks in advance.

  13. I have completed online application of visit visa to new zealand and submitted and paid 32sgd laat january 23,2017. However, in just 4 days I received email saying that I can now collect my documents (Philippines passport). Since its public holiday here in singapore and I have doubt why it was so fast? Is it mean I was deny to have visit visa?

  14. Hello! mafey!
    Can you share po range usually ng proof of funds that the consul is requiring individually? Thank you!

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