Myanmar Series: 3 of 4 – Burmese Transport

The second series, the Burmese architecture has taken me long time to upload. I’m not sure if the problem was with the slow internet connection or with my deteriorating laptop or the teki wannabe behind this😉. Now, let’s take a peek to the Burmese mode of transport.

Myanmar arrival

Salutation upon arrival at Yangon International Airport

Myanmar transport1

A vehicle for daily commuting

Myanmar transport2

A mini bus

Myanmar transport3

Air condition bus for long distance journey

Myanmar transport6

A tri-shaw

Myanmar transport7

A lorry carrying materials for construction works and an overload of passengers

Myanmar transport8

In the Philippines we call it "kalesa", I don't know the term in English😉

Myanmar transport9

A lorry-type for passengers commuting

Myanmar transport10

Farm harvest ferry by boat

Myanmar transport11

Travelling by boat going to farm. What a relaxing sight from the window of a non-stop bus

Myanmar transport12

Passengers on top

Myanmar transport13

Students on a bicycle

Myanmar transport14

Taxis and public buses are a ubiquitous mode of transport in the city

Myanmar transport15

A monk driving a motor bike

I hope you enjoyed the series of Burmese Transport. Coming up, Myanmar Series: 4 of 4 – People. This is exciting!🙂

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