Myanmar Series: 2 of 4 – Burmese Architecture

Myanmar, popularly known as Burma was colonized by Britain in the 19th century. To date, the remnants of British influence can still be seen  in some of their dilapidated buildings which a few of them are being refurbished.

City Hall, Myanmar
Built in 1939, Yangon City Hall represents a mixture of British and Burmese architecture.

City Hall2, Myanmar
When I look closely it appears to me that the city hall has just undergo renovation. It was once painted yellow in the photos I have seen beforehand.
Yangon architecture
A colonial building currently undergoing reinstatement work.
Yangon architecture2
A contrast of old and new
Yangon architecture3
A contrast of old and new
Yangon architecture4
Watch store
Yangon architecture5
A residential house with interesting details.
Yangon architecture6
A residential house with interesting details (I'm hearing myself getting repetitive 🙂
Yangon architecture7
A not so old building or it is? The colors make it appear to look quite modern, that is, you can make a guess 🙂
Yangon architecture8
While walking aimlessly in this area with Canan (yes I call my camera Canan ;). I ask myself, am I really in Myanmar? 🙂
Yangon architecture9
Seeing a cluster of men wearing "Longyi" get me back to reality, I'm in Asia!
Yangon architecture10
Myanma Port Authority
Yangon architecture11
A dilapidated building waiting to be renovated.
Myanmar architecture is a subtle example of the country's various contrast.
Yangon architecture13
Another impressive colonial architecture that if not for the presence of locals I would convince myself I am on the other side of the world.
Yangon architecture14
According to statistics published by the Burmese government, 89% of the population are practicing Buddhism while 4% of the population are Muslims and another 4% are Christians. I assumed the remaining percentage are either free-thinker or perhaps Hindu considering that the country is very close to India.
Yangon architecture15
Walking around the city sort of gives me a feeling of travelling back in time.
Yangon architecture16
For some reason that I do not know I just love this photo 🙂
Yangon architecture17
Stamford City Business Institute
Yangon architecture18
Now Showing: Mr Bean ;)))

2 thoughts on “Myanmar Series: 2 of 4 – Burmese Architecture

  1. As a Myanmar citizen, I wonder why I skipped that beautiful buildings and things around us. Thanks for opening my eyes! ^_^

    1. Am glad to help open your eyes! 😉 Kidding aside, Myanmar is one of my favorite in Southeast Asia and I look forward to visiting again!

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