Myanmar Series: 1 of 4 – Religious Sanctuary

This series hopes to bring you the spirit of Myanmar from my most recent “travelgraphy” :).

Swedagon Pagoda, Myanmar
Shwedagon Pagoda Temple at night
Swedagaon Pagoda,2 Myanmar
Facade of Swedagon Pagoda Temple

Swedagon Pagoda3, Myanmar
Swedagon Pagoda Temple at daytime
Baptist Church, Myanmar
Immanuel Baptist Church
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Myanmar
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (Anglican)
St Mary's Cathedral, Myanmar
St Mary's Cathedral (Catholic)
St Mary's Cathedral2, Myanmar
The church is currently undergoing renovation
Sule Pagoda, Myanmar
Sule Pagoda Temple
Sule Pagoda2, Myanmar
Sule Pagoda Temple at night
Mosque, Myanmar
Chulia Muslim Dargah Mosque
small pagoda, golden rock
A 5am trek to the mountain in search of the Golden Rock has led us to a rather small temple named "Daut Dohng Si Pagoda"
Me at Shewadagon, Myanmar
Myself resting for a while at Swedagon which is believed to be one of the most important Buddhist site for Myanmar people. From the information that I’ve read this Pagoda is home to approximately 80, 000 precious stones and 3, 154 gold bells!

Coming up next for my Myanmar Series: 2 of 4 – Burmese Architecture. Hope you enjoy viewing the photos! 🙂

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