A fun day at Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is our next destination. Among other beaches, we have choose to spend the day exploring Bondi beach due to its vicinity from our hostel. While Aline, Inga and I are preparing for our things to bring to the beach we have agreed to drop by at the super market to buy bread, sandwich spread, drinks and some chips so we have something to eat while on the road. Aside from it would save us from getting hungry, it is a good alternative to go cheaper. We have had a discussion over dinner last night and it all boils down here: it is indeed expensive in Sydney. A meal can cost around 14-15 Australian dollars but if you’ll go for fast food like Ms Donalds you can have a meal for around 8-10 dollars. Mc Donalds will be our favorite then in the next few days :).

Going to Bondi beach is easy and quite simple:

By Train. We walk to the nearest subway station from our hostel. We board at Kings Cross and alight at Bondi Junction station which is roughly around 10-12 minutes. Alternatively, you can board at other train stations from Central, Town Hall, Martin Place, Edgecliff going to Bondi Junction. And then we take the bus from Bondi Junction to ferry us to the beach.

By Bus. From Bondi Junction board either bus 380, 381, 382, or 333 which would take around 15 minutes to reach the beach.

Here are some photos of our day adventure at Bondi Beach:

oz bondi beach 01
This is the view that have welcomed us upon reaching Bondi beach

oz bondi beach 02

oz bondi beach 03

oz bondi beach 04

oz bondi beach 05

oz bondi beach 06

oz bondi beach 07

oz bondi beach 08

0z bondi beach 09

oz bondi beach 10

oz bondi beach 11

oz bondi beach 12

Next destination: Blue Mountains! 🙂


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