Summer escapade in Sydney

Weather in Australia varies depending on which state you are in. Like in Sydney where summer is fast approaching, months of November and December up to January is a peak season as this is the time when people from different parts of the world (especially for Europeans who’d like to escape winter) fly to Sydney to celebrate the season and have fun under the hot scorching sun. Tourists and locals flock to beaches in Bondi, Coogee or Manly.

Bondi Beach in summer
A peek at beautiful Bondi beach from the tarp

I had a stop over at Darwin in the Northern Territory for 5 hours prior to my connecting flight to Sydney. It was early in the morning and I felt so dead tired and exhausted not because of a long trip but due to the terrible experience I had at the immigration. Talk about traveling alone. I don’t want to be labelled just because I am a woman and an Asian but sadly we are often subjected to some form of stereotyping. Sigh!

Anyway, it was good to note since it’s my first time and I was not aware that time zone in Australia varies as well from state to state. Sydney, for instance is +3:00 hours advance compared to Perth in Western Australia and +1.30 hours ahead of Darwin. While Sydney in New South Wales, Canberra, the capital and Melbourne in Victoria have the same time zone; Brisbane in Queensland is -1:00 hour behind while Adelaide in South Australia is -0.30 hour behind with point of reference to Sydney. It’s a bit confusing at first but once you’ve got a grip of its geography you’ll get by quite easily. Thanks to my constant companion: pocket world atlas :).

The Australian flag
I intend to put the map of Australia but I need a card reader to transfer so I ended up with an Australian flag

In Sydney, I stayed at Barncleuth Square. It’s within the vicinity of the red light district at Kings Cross. But located just at the quiet side neighbourhood. I was greeted by a welcoming Miranda who runs the hostel. She briefly gave me an orientation about the hostel, the city and its attractions and then handed me the key to my room.

the pink house hostel
"The Pink House Hostel" - very obvious from its color 🙂

I headed up right away, excited like a little child I couldn’t wait to explore Sydney!

Surprisingly I didn’t expect I would have an instant travel buddies who are just as crazy as I am who couldn’t wait to roam and explore the city by foot! :). There I met Aline , a lovely girl from France who arrived a few minutes ahead of me. Then, after few minutes, another lady from Germany arrived, Inga, a bit shy nevertheless friendly. The three of us together started the exploration.

my instant travel buddies - Inga & Aline
My would-be instant travel buddies, from left to right: Inga, myself & Aline 🙂

At last after around 45 minutes walk we finally met Sydney’s famous icon – the Sydney Opera House :). We become busy taking the best angle of the opera, pause for photos for memories sake. Then we walk around and see the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney River, the Parliament House, passed by at the Royal Botanical Garden and rest for a while. We went back to the hostel tired and hungry but our eyes were fully satisfied by what we have just seen.

More to come!

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House in late afternoon

Next destination, Bondi Beach :).

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