Why read my blog?

Yesterday, I have written about a few confessions as an inexperienced blogger. I recognized my fears but I won’t let it stop me from doing what I love doing. I have to force myself to change my thermostat, to look at the brighter side instead. Now, I want to focus on my strengths and that’s what I would like to share.

1.              I’d like to think that my blog is plain ordinary. There maybe nothing extraordinary about it. Just like anybody else out there, I am a plain ordinary (person). Now, being ordinary in my opinion is a good starting point. Because as human being it seems natural for us to look for something we could identify ourselves with. We long for connection. I guess its human nature. When something bizarre happen to us we hope somewhere someone could understand what we’re going through. After all I am ordinary, I can feel the pain of others or rejoice in their successes.

SG RedCross Bazaar
At The Red Cross Bazaar

2.          I believe I really have something to share. Without needing to brag. Our uniqueness is what makes us special.

Perhaps it is immaterial to say this as I have not proved anything yet. But I decided to write it anyway as a form of motivating myself to keep me going. I will commit mistakes along the way. I keep on learning everyday. Now, I keep familiarizing how to use WordPress :). It is teaching me PATIENCE every time I would encounter unfamiliar terms or when I have to redo a post all over again because I didn’t know how to proceed to the next and so on.

3.          My charisma. I didn’t take second thoughts not to include it. Worrying so much about my yesterday’s post. I realize I should take it lightly but in a serious way. As an easy going person, jovial, I’ll speak from the heart. My readers can expect my sincerity. I hope I’ll be able to put into writings my charisma ;)).

Community Outreach at the Galilee Centre
Photo credits to Ms Nannette Villajos of UPAAS

4.          I have the power to influence others. Not so much with words but through actions.

5.          This will be my medium to reach out, to be heard, to inform, to entertain, to display my love for photography, to share a piece of myself… In any of that order.

a beautiful sunset at Lubang Island
The day I discovered I have talents in photography ;). Taken from one of the secluded beaches in Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

It’ll be all about my travel adventures and discoveries while journeying in this school of life. So I might as well add and say to myself: Keep going Maf! You’re on the right track! 🙂


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