CONFESSIONS of a Newbie Blogger

I’m a big believer of Paulo Coelho’s line in his best selling book “The Alchemist” that “when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”.

I have been dreaming for quite a long time to have a site of my own, a little space where I can share untold stories of my travel adventures and my love for capturing the scenery of the places I am visiting. But I am hesitant and so uncertain how to proceed. One dusk, at the East Coast while sipping my favorite bubble tea, out of the blue, some thoughts popped up into my mind telling me to get in touch with some friends who are in line with information technology, are knowledgeable about computers and ask for their help. Just try and see what happens. I have tried and after a few attempts I didn’t seem to be lucky. Until I was led to an ex-colleague, Drew who’s kind enough to help me put up my own blog. Funny how in life often those you least expect are the ones who help you out. [As novice as I am I was really amazed we’ve made it through skype since we’re geographically in different locations. =]

I am happy to have it finally come true. It’s a work in progress.  I still need to learn many things. While the word “blogger” has not yet sink in with me, all the more my fears have not by no means subside. Fears after fears are kept coming in.

1.              Lack of technical know-how. I’d be honest to tell, I have no slightest idea how to ran this site and how will it turn out. I confess, I am not an internet savvy. I am oblivious when it comes to use of this digital technology.

2.              I doubt my ability to write. I am not a writer by profession, although I was involved in our organization’s newsletter back in college but that was many years ago. And I had not gone to any refresher course nor involved into similar stuff since then. Lately, I‘ve got into some sort of addiction reading the blog of few fellows who are into this sphere. I can’t help but admire and envy them at the same time. I admire how eloquently they can put their thoughts into words and come up with a very good piece to read and I envy because I wish I can be like them. I feel so small when I am struggling with my grammar or sentence construction and sometimes I ran out of English words to express my thoughts. )=   maf learning hard

3.              Negativity. Every now and then my mind is clouded with fears and pessimism, I would hear, can I really do this? Can I make it stay for long term basis? I fear I am not good enough. My insecurities are eating me out knowing there are many people out there who are better than me.

4.              Hesitations. Will somebody out there would even care to read about what I would post? Would it really matter to them? Will they even bother to visit my site? In the first place, do I really have something to share or is it just me who’s thinking that I am living a peculiar and exciting life? Or am I into deep illusion?   at the east coastAnd the list goes on…

It’s 45 minutes past 2am now, I’m still wide awake, I have 8am work tomorrow and I keep worrying about it or maybe I am just thinking too much. I have to end this now. I will sleep on it and just see what happens. Tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “CONFESSIONS of a Newbie Blogger

  1. I have a blog account since 2007 but have only been active for about 2 years now. At first I was not really interested in blogging and contented enough with my multiply account just posting my photos. However, when people (ha ha ha.. as if marami sha) started commenting on my blog, i became motivated to blog more. Soon, without knowing it I have more than 100 entries. I blog mostly on food and travel (my favorite subjects, he he he). Blogging also records what I had done and where i had been in the past. Sort of an online diary. Just keep on blogging.

    1. Thanks for sharing your blogging journey batangala =). It was an ex-colleague and a friend who never fails to encourage me keep on blogging ( In fact kakaayos lang po namin nitong blog site ko last week and he wrote something about my blog kaya may mga bumibisita na po dito hehehe. Parang kontento na po kasi ko before na ituloy lang ang pagba blog kahit walang makabasa, I just want it to be something I could look back to, sort of reservoir of travel memories pag tumanda na ko =).

      In my case, I noticed I get addicted to blogging, time lang po yung constraints ko and yung personal concern ko about privacy. Kasi medyo private po akong tao (mukha di na ata ngayon). Medyo struggle sa kin i-determine yung boundaries. But at the same time, I realized, I could not blog separating myself from it. Siguro in time masasanay rin po ako. Kasi ngayon, I think I lack confidence in blogging. I wanted to learn how to become effective in it and for sure it would take time.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. buti ka pa nga ur using wordpress. parang nahihirapan ako mag update dito unlike sa blogspot. i still have a lot to learn though. sabi nga nila, hinay-hinay lang at makakarating ka rin sa paroroonan mo, he he he

    1. hahaha, naku sinabi nyo po, super dami mga errors ko, dati isang post aabutin na ng one week o worse, one month. A typical problem, I encounter is when I change a photo and try to delete it, the text will suddenly mix with the frame and I could not delete it, even if I press backspace and so on. And then I will end up re-doing the post all over again. It’s a very tedious process and before I have no idea what you have to go through just to come up with a single decent post. That’s why it’s a kind of a rewarding feeling when people get to appreciate your post. Same here, I keep learning, eventually, we will get there =).

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