A Different Kind Of (Travel) Reflection

Driving from Kota Tinggi Water Falls_TRAVEL NOTES 101. Taman Melodies Malaysia. 0058 hours

To My Creator,
I just want to utter a sense of GRATITUDE. Thank you for surrounding me with good people. Thank you for the ANGELS constantly guiding me. Thank you for the help of the Holy Spirit to keep me stay on the right track. When the evil/ ego keeps tempting me – when it is EASY to take the wrong path, You bring me back to the CENTRE.

I realized how I am wasting my time for some petty feelings of the “unfairness” of the world.
When I have a CHOICE. To always choose the right thing – the better way.

I realized that my “own self” is the biggest hindrance, to achieving the very goal of my life, in this season of my life.

THANK YOU for giving me good friends…

I guess, now, I understand men better.
Surprisingly, they also talk and dream about SOUL MATE, they are akin to be COMMITTED, they dream of settling down too. – But,
DISCERNMENT is very IMPORTANT – these are the people – the men – who ARE HONEST – who do not fool around – who are not scared of expressing truly what’s inside themselves.

I guess, we ALL DREAM of living out our DREAMED LIFE, to be with the “Right One”. We all strive to be better (human being). ONLY sometimes, the problem arise from the EXECUTION. But we (ALL) aspire to be better – I think it’s BEST to think that way…


Special Segment: Love month :))

Aix-les-Bains heart_

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love. –Henry Drummond

I am experimenting with my blog :). Still, it will remain as –  Maf travel blog with beautiful photography ;). While, I am ruminating on the art of diversification :).

It makes me happy seeing those supportive friends and readers who continuously visiting my little space even when I hardly have time to update. With utmost gratitude, and as my way of rewarding you dear readers (hihihi), and let say, because it’s a love month I thought of getting a little bit more personal… :) (as if what I am writing here all along aren’t personal ones! Hehe).

Let’s get cheezzzy, it’s valentines month anyway! I am publishing here an excerpt from my journal. I have read thru several stuff of what I wrote in the past, and I’m picking this one, it’s keeping me smile with  giddiness :P

My belief though is that even if we don’t see any impact, when everything that we do in our daily life is done in the spirit of love – be it doing a monotonous desk bound job, or trying to ignore a super to the max annoying colleague, or just helping a total stranger who asked for direction (and asking for your number simultaneously, hey! that’s too much, am not a hotline! Haha), I can only guarantee that we are contributing in making our world a better place to live.

Here it goes. A very brief one. Hope you like it! ;) Continue reading

Dear 2013…

Our Guide inside Sumaguing CaveDear 2013,

We have no proper closure yet. Allow me to say goodbye. But before that let me thank you.

You arrive fast. And leave faster. I had not felt y0u that much.

In so many ways, the pattern of my travels had changed. It was the year I traveled with family, cousins, friends and with someone. I didn’t go any further than Asia. My phase of traveling has changed too. I felt like visiting few places and staying longer. Unlike in 2012, I try to squeeze visiting 3 countries and 5 cities in two weeks! Not because I have limited time. It’s because I have limited leave. Impulsively, ended up — freeing myself from being a cubicle dweller.



By now, you are just a memory. A distant memory of the past. Let me frame you beautifully.

The take away I’ve got I will remind myself constantly. So that I will be wiser for the choices I have to make, the decisions I have to arrive at and the people I have to trust… and who deserves of my trust.

I am becoming more and more the person I imagine to be; getting clearer bit by bit of what I want to be. At long  last, after so many years of drifting and wandering — I am finally coming close to what I intend. ***Out of this life.


Thanking you sincerely,

Mafey :)


Collection of beautiful people…memorable places… Limited Edition ;-)




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Celebrating with WordPress and Reminiscing a year of my Crazy Adventure

2012-08-18 01.31.49_

“No life is complete without a touch of madness.” –Aleph, Paulo Coelho

Amazing how our life unfolds from moment to moment… how dots are connected… different people… different places…

I wonder whether time actually pass… or if time passes us… or is it we who pass through time.

Whatever it is. As cliché as it is. Time flies. It passes very quickly.

It feels like it happens only yesterday. I won’t pass a Basic English class shall I continue to use present tense and put yesterday at the end of it.2012-10-22 13.36.04_

A Look Back

Oh how thankful I am to have lived those moments like each day is a dreamlike. Surreal life. I wake up not worrying about work but how I will acclimatize myself to the cold of first winter and snow experience. I have lived my life the way I want it in any way I want it. I don’t have to think about structure. About planning from time to time. I let my intuition and spontaneity ruled me. Great. Not perfect. But just great. It’s been a year. And am glad that I did what I have to do. Not what I was told to do.2012-10-07 22.59.32_

Words in its deepest sense do not capture at all the experience. Except in my heart, it will always be alive – that I am part of this immense whole. And this immense whole is made up of every part of me.


I am yet on another transition. I always find myself into this. Yes, change is the only permanent and constant in this world. Sometimes you don’t look for change. Change happens to you. You want something else. But life has planned something for you. Often you only need to say YES to it. The comings and goings. Am not sure how I feel towards it, a mixture of every bit of emotions, of highs and lows, of ups and downs. Life continues…

Ahhh, life. Always at its best when TRAVELING…2012-10-11 23.07.42_ _

For giving me a little more than enough space to breath. Thank you so much WordPress!

A Note of Appreciation to my Readers, Visitors, Commenters, Followers

One of the reasons why this blog is still here in spite of my urge to quit a few times in the past – due to my insecurities in writing and feeling of being not good enough that maybe no one will care to read what I will write. And my worries for everything or anything that I am sharing that it made me a little bit more open along the way – my privacy and my being a private person has remain EXCEPT I have become more open now. Thank you all for your continued support! :-D

At Home In Tioman :)

Maf is in Tioman!Smile!

It’s amazing how traveling allows us to see the world externally. But the most subtle it does is how it keeps changing me internally as a person. For the better always, I hope :-P –Mafsoulechoes 101

Sometimes, perhaps, all we need is an abrupt change of environment to feel better. At the further east is my quiet sanctuary. Where I can slow down and let time pass on its own. Thanks to Vesak Day that falls on Friday! :-)

2013-05-25 18.38.46I left my flat with a heavy heart and arrived at my extended home (Pulau Tioman) with a warmhearted welcome. I really thought no one knows me at this village. But I was surprise when I was walking at the narrow side road of Air Batang and the locals started to ask me why I didn’t return for so long. I just smile and nod at them.

I did nothing except to sleep at the hammock near the beach, read a bit, sleep, read again and sleep. It can’t get better than this when you have a friend who sponsors you for free snorkeling gears. So although, I plan to take my diving lesson in Palawan, I wish to plug B&J Diving Centre (www.divetioman.com) because a good friend of mine who grows to love living in an island in exchange of the luxurious life in Finland is on the third season now thriving wonderfully in Tioman.

And while plunging myself in the world of marine organisms, I can’t help but wonder whether fishes sleep at night or don’t they ever get tired of swimming all their life? Why don’t they fly or live in the land? Do they ever get stress? I know these seem stupid questions. I thought as humans we all have roles to play. Sometimes we get tired of it but the only way is to go on. Because that is what is most logical and what is expected from us by the society. Continue reading

The Road

Overlooking Middle EastTraveling has not only become part of my lifestyle. Whenever I am emotionally troubled the unknown road has been my constant companion. That leads me to path of many unexpected surprises. You meet all kinds of people. Because when you travel all the roads become one. You share the same dreams, aspirations, life goals, you cry for the same reasons and laugh for the simple things that life brings you.Cascais, Portugal

 Cascais coastal walkCaldera, Santorini

Caldera, OiaBarcelona, Espanya

Narrow streets of Las Ramblas



Post-Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 85 Days Traveling: Coping with Malade*

Happy New Year 2013!

Life is so precious. It feels good to be alive.

Because this holiday is about celebration, I try my best to share my recent experience in the lightest way possible. I had second thoughts weather I would write about it or shall I keep in my non-electronic journal. But this is something that I could not veer away from what I had to go through. Continue reading

After Almost-Three-Months

IMG_3995Three months ago.  I have to be honest I didn’t like what was happening within my surroundings and I want a change of environment. Abruptly. Thus, my lust for traveling longer than 3 weeks has become a reality and has been extended to months… nearly 3 months. I was set on a journey as a means of taking a break from work. And as a reward for myself for being able to overcome all the obstacles that has come along my way while living overseas for the last five years. I can never underestimate those experiences that remain, to this day, untold. Where it greatly helped me for what I have become now.

And Yes, I am in search of something. I have found what I am searching. Yet, only to find out that what I am searching is not what I want. Nor what I needed. I cried. And it broke my heart. There is no destination. There is no end. Only journeys.


The other team during our camel ride in Zagora, part of Sahara desert

The other team during our camel ride in Zagora, part of Sahara desert.

:-). First time!

:-) First time!