A Different Kind Of (Travel) Reflection

Driving from Kota Tinggi Water Falls_TRAVEL NOTES 101. Taman Melodies Malaysia. 0058 hours

To My Creator,
I just want to utter a sense of GRATITUDE. Thank you for surrounding me with good people. Thank you for the ANGELS constantly guiding me. Thank you for the help of the Holy Spirit to keep me stay on the right track. When the evil/ ego keeps tempting me – when it is EASY to take the wrong path, You bring me back to the CENTRE.

I realized how I am wasting my time for some petty feelings of the “unfairness” of the world.
When I have a CHOICE. To always choose the right thing – the better way.

I realized that my “own self” is the biggest hindrance, to achieving the very goal of my life, in this season of my life.

THANK YOU for giving me good friends…

I guess, now, I understand men better.
Surprisingly, they also talk and dream about SOUL MATE, they are akin to be COMMITTED, they dream of settling down too. – But,
DISCERNMENT is very IMPORTANT – these are the people – the men – who ARE HONEST – who do not fool around – who are not scared of expressing truly what’s inside themselves.

I guess, we ALL DREAM of living out our DREAMED LIFE, to be with the “Right One”. We all strive to be better (human being). ONLY sometimes, the problem arise from the EXECUTION. But we (ALL) aspire to be better – I think it’s BEST to think that way…


Special Segment: Love month :))

Aix-les-Bains heart_

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love. –Henry Drummond

I am experimenting with my blog :). Still, it will remain as –  Maf travel blog with beautiful photography ;). While, I am ruminating on the art of diversification :).

It makes me happy seeing those supportive friends and readers who continuously visiting my little space even when I hardly have time to update. With utmost gratitude, and as my way of rewarding you dear readers (hihihi), and let say, because it’s a love month I thought of getting a little bit more personal… :) (as if what I am writing here all along aren’t personal ones! Hehe).

Let’s get cheezzzy, it’s valentines month anyway! I am publishing here an excerpt from my journal. I have read thru several stuff of what I wrote in the past, and I’m picking this one, it’s keeping me smile with  giddiness :P

My belief though is that even if we don’t see any impact, when everything that we do in our daily life is done in the spirit of love – be it doing a monotonous desk bound job, or trying to ignore a super to the max annoying colleague, or just helping a total stranger who asked for direction (and asking for your number simultaneously, hey! that’s too much, am not a hotline! Haha), I can only guarantee that we are contributing in making our world a better place to live.

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Philippine Embassy in Singapore: How Effective is the “OEC” Online Appointment System?

POEA_An anticipated long weekend coupled with public holidays is just around the corner. During this time of Chinese New Year season, a lot of fellow kababayan are returning home for longer vacation. (Friends, this particular post is intended for Filipinos living in Singapore).


OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate is a document required by the POEA or Philippine Overseas Employment Administration as a means to document OFWs working overseas. I used to think it’s just a mere document to obtain to be exempted from paying Terminal Fee and Travel Tax in any Philippine airport’s Departure area. It’s more.

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Maf-Featured: A Prolific Weekend at the Red Cross Home

Visit to Red Cross Home for the Disabled_Two years ago, I wanted my birthday to be celebrated in a simple but meaningful way. To veer away a little bit from “me, myself & I” and channel it to sharing blessings with others. I was grateful for the chance to have spent some time at the Red Cross Home.

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Dear 2013…

Our Guide inside Sumaguing CaveDear 2013,

We have no proper closure yet. Allow me to say goodbye. But before that let me thank you.

You arrive fast. And leave faster. I had not felt y0u that much.

In so many ways, the pattern of my travels had changed. It was the year I traveled with family, cousins, friends and with someone. I didn’t go any further than Asia. My phase of traveling has changed too. I felt like visiting few places and staying longer. Unlike in 2012, I try to squeeze visiting 3 countries and 5 cities in two weeks! Not because I have limited time. It’s because I have limited leave. Impulsively, ended up — freeing myself from being a cubicle dweller.



By now, you are just a memory. A distant memory of the past. Let me frame you beautifully.

The take away I’ve got I will remind myself constantly. So that I will be wiser for the choices I have to make, the decisions I have to arrive at and the people I have to trust… and who deserves of my trust.

I am becoming more and more the person I imagine to be; getting clearer bit by bit of what I want to be. At long  last, after so many years of drifting and wandering — I am finally coming close to what I intend. ***Out of this life.


Thanking you sincerely,

Mafey :)


Collection of beautiful people…memorable places… Limited Edition ;-)




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Happy New Year! :) 100-Post & What It Taught Me

Happy 2014!The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.–John Dewey

Perseverance. Since, I set the goal, I tried my best to keep determined even during those times when I feel like not posting anything. I pushed myself too hard. I persevere.

Endurance. Many times I lost patience, due to limited time I have to set aside to sit down and gather my thoughts to come up with a post written from the heart. Other times, it’s the limited internet connectivity and other outside disturbances. But, I endure.

Discipline.  I learned to do things even when there are times I lost interest in doing it. Blogging requires discipline. It is essential to find a regular time to do blogging and not only when it is convenient.

Ownership. I’ve learned to acquire a sense of ownership. I can just abandon it and left blogging forever. Am not getting any bucks from it anyway. But when I go back to the reason why I blog in the first place, a sense of responsibility returns.


 Things I should NOT have done but I did anyway, out of necessity.

Quality should NEVER be compromised with quantity. I always go for quality post (to me it is something subjective). When I pour too much of myself in a post (even if it may not come out perfectly) I am happy because I know it has a touch of myself.

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